Spent the weekend on the Colorado River with a group of friends who I normally fish with. I used this trip not only to visit with them but to test out some items and lures that I had never used but see as a benefit for all of us kayak fisherman. A big thanks goes out to GoPro Camera, Backwater Paddle Company, Get Five, BlackDog Jigs, JD's Custom Baits, and Easy2Hook USA. The items were appreciated and I will be doing a write up on my site here under the product review tab.

We met at the river at 7am and after a brief shuttle were on the water an hour later. The trip was planned as an early start to get ahead of the release by the river authority and to have a better chance at catching some good fish. It wasn't long and Mike hooked up on a quality 6lb bass which turned out to be the largest of the trip. As we worked our way down the river it didn't take long to establish a pattern that we were able to use to our advantage most of the day. I started the day throwing the Dinero worm by Get Five in red flake color and had bass eating it up from the start. It produced some nice bass during the day but my two largest came on a pumpkin/purple 3/8oz BlackDog Jig. I had some frogs from JD's Custom L that are hand poured and have a great feel to them in the water. The first patch of grass that I came to produced some bites on these but I lost both fish due to me not being prepared for the strike. I'm definately going to try these out again. The most fun that I had on the trip was taking my ultralight spin/cast combo and tying a wee PopR to the 4lb braided line. So many fish were pulled into the kayak during the remainder of the day that everyone else tied one on and started enjoying the fun. As the day went on the flow of the river grew stronger to the point where you could no longer fish an area to long. We made it to our island paradise around five in the afternoon and after unloading gear, setting up tents, and gathering firewood I started my pre soaked charcoal and waited for it to dye down before putting the big ribeyes on the grill. You need to eat well in order to replace what you burned off. As the evening grew on the moon got higher and brighter, no need for flashlights tonight with it being full. We were serenaded by Coyotes as we swapped stories then decided to head to bed. Upon waking in the morning we found that the water had dropped three feet and the wind was blowing around 15 with gusts to 25 straight in our faces as we headed to the takeout. Very hard to fish so we just did the short two hour paddle and loaded up for the trip home. Enjoy the stories and pictures and I will see you on the river....

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